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Subject Leader: Mrs Dani Bayram


Science at QKS

Our Science curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of important scientific concepts and processes, the contribution of science to our society and the applications of science in our everyday lives.

The curriculum endeavours to nurture and sustain the curiosity of young people and support them to develop the scientific knowledge and skills to hold and defend informed views on social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental issues related to science. The curriculum is designed to prepare all students for their future lives, either as scientifically literate citizens who can interpret information and form evidence-based conclusions or preparing them for further, more specialised scientific learning.

The curriculum principles remain consistent for Science from Year 7 through to Year 13.


  • develop a solid foundation of knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which can be applied effectively to different situations and be used to explain questions and phenomena. Ensure the knowledge gained supports students in achieving success in formal examinations
  • an ability to communicate scientific understanding effectively both verbally and in written work, supporting student literacy
  • plan and deliver practical elements of science in line with the Gatsby principles identified in ‘Good Practical Science’ (2017) and the practical Science policy
  • develop competence in carrying out scientific investigations, including generating questions to answer, planning investigations, collecting and analysing data and drawing evidence-based conclusions in line with the key working scientifically skills identified for formal examinations
  • opportunities to develop practical skills and gain confidence in handling and selecting appropriate equipment as part of wider scientific investigation skills
  • opportunities to develop the Maths skills necessary to successfully understand apply content and skills in Science and be successful in formal examinations
  • promote a love and enjoyment of science and a willingness to explore, ask questions and speculate on the historical contributions to our scientific understanding, the latest scientific research and theories and the challenges that we face in the modern world
  • support students to be resilient, learn from their mistakes and act upon the feedback that they are given
  • opportunities to be curious and explore their wider interest in scientific subjects and links
  • five-year approach to the science curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11 where students not only develop scientific understanding of key content but also key working scientifically skills
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Years 7 and 8

In Years 7 and 8, we follow an ‘in house’ scheme of learning that has been designed to spark a curiosity for science and to apply fundamental principles from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

This is done through a range of topics, some of which are themed based and is designed to support every student to achieve success in and enjoy their science lessons.

Year 7 Science

Year 8 Science

Years 9, 10 and 11

From Year 9 to Year 11, students begin to study the content and skills that have been identified by the AQA exam board.

Students follow either the AQA Trilogy specification (2 GCSEs) or AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics (separate sciences – 3 GCSEs). The topics are sequenced to support students with developing both breadth and depth in their scientific knowledge. 

Year 9 Biology

Year 9 Chemistry

Year 9 Physics

Year 10 Trilogy Biology

Year 10 Trilogy Chemistry

Year 10 Trilogy Physics

Year 10 Triple Biology

Year 10 Triple Chemistry

Year 10 Triple Physics

Year 11 Trilogy Biology

Year 11 Trilogy Chemistry

Year 11 Trilogy Physics

Year 11 Triple Biology

Year 11 Triple Chemistry

Year 11 Triple Physics

Exam board:

AQA Trilogy Specification:

GCSE Trilogy Specification

AQA Biology:

GCSE Biology Specification

AQA Chemistry:

GCSE Chemistry Specification

AQA Physics:

GCSE Physics Specification


  • Science Club
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