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Performing Arts

Subject Leader: Mr Michael Massey


Head of Music: Ms Hannah West


Performing Arts at QKS

The Performing Arts play a significant role in helping students develop their creative skills.

Educational theorists increasingly emphasise the importance of students developing an ‘emotional intelligence’, a creative mind and imagination through their involvement in the Performing Arts in order to become well-rounded and balanced individuals.

At QKS, the Performing Arts Department comprises of Dance, Drama and Music with the guiding principles for teaching across these subjects being to:  

  • develop students’ practical, creative and technical skills and knowledge in order for them to devise, rehearse and perform original and pre-existing material in a variety of ways
  • nurture a strong sense of the ‘whole child’ focussing on developing their confidence, communication and problem solving
  • develop their ability to engage in creative collaboration, a skill they have limited chance to develop outside of a rehearsal space
  • develop their ability to think creatively
  • develop within our students a love of learning and engagement with the Performing Arts

Extra-curricular opportunities are important at QKS and the Performing Arts Department provides students with a wealth of opportunities to get involved in outside of the classroom across every Key Stage.

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 Performing Arts Curriculum offers opportunities for students to respond, perform and evaluate work across the 3 discrete subject areas whilst at the same time developing their vocal, physical, expressive and technical skills to enable them to create performances within all three Performing Arts disciplines.

The Performing Arts subjects are the perfect vehicle to develop the vital skills of independence, appreciation, concentration, confidence, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

Throughout Key Stage 3, students are taught excellent routines to ensure safe and successful lessons in which positive behaviour management and encouragement is key. Students develop mutual trust and learn collaboratively, applauding others’ work and helping make them feel confident.

Year 9 Dance Summary


Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 Performing Arts Curriculum is structured in order to prepare students for the GCSE courses in Dance, Drama and Music that the school offers.

Having covered the fundamentals during Key stage 3, students have opportunities to develop their skills further during Year 10 in readiness for the practical assessments and written examinations in Year 11. Throughout, students develop their skills in the three disciplines to enable them to become confident performers, to collaborate effectively with others, to gain the confidence to pursue their own ideas and to reflect and refine their work. In addition, their study of each of the Performing Arts as a practical art form in its own right means they explore how ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through choices in form, style and convention. This enables them to develop an understanding of the social, cultural and historical contexts of the set works studied in each discrete subject area. They will also extend their knowledge of Performing Arts terminology, and how to use it appropriately, and come to understand the roles and responsibilities of theatre-makers, dancers and/or musicians in professional practice.

Year 11 Dance Summary


Drama Exam Board:


GCSE Drama Specification

Music Exam Board:

Edexcel Music GCSE (year 11)

GCSE Music Specification

AQA Music GCSE (year 10)

GCSE Music Specification

Dance Exam Board:


GCSE Dance Specification


Extra-Curricular opportunities

Performing Arts

Annually the department mounts the following:

  • Whole school musical at The Brewery Arts Centre
  • Performing Arts Festival
  • An Arts Evening at The Brewery Arts Evening


  • KS3 production
  • KS4 production
  • KS5 production
  • GCSE Drama Evenings
  • A Level Drama Evenings
  • Lunchtime Theatre
  • Visits from Theatre Companies


  • KS3 Dance Club
  • GCSE Dance Club
  • Participation in The Dance Platform at The Brewery Arts Centre


  • Music GCSE enhancement
  • String group
  • Vocal group
  • Whole school musical production

Opportunities to undertake lessons in the following

Singing, guitar, cello, violin, clarinet, saxophone, flute, piano, viola, trumpet, trombone, drums, bassoon, etc.