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Attendance and Behaviour

Attendance at QKS

Attendance Officer: Mrs Sally Bury 01539 743914

The Queen Katherine School is committed to maximizing the achievement of all students and we recognise the clear link between good attendance and educational achievement.

Students who have good attendance: get better jobs in the future, achieve better results, make better friendships and have good self-esteem and confidence. As a direct result, attendance and punctuality are a high priority for all of those associated with the school, including students, parents, all staff members and governors. QKS expects every student to maintain an attendance level of at least 97% and with absences only permitted due to illness or other authorised circumstances.

Attendance has a key focus within the school, with all students participating in the ‘Strive for 5’ campaign – being in school 5 days a week, 5 lessons a day and with no more than 5 absences for the year. Attendance is featured regularly during weekly form tutor groups, assemblies and with ‘Strive for 5’ attendance promotion weeks throughout the year. Students with excellent attendance levels are entered in to prize draws, and in addition, those who have managed to significantly improve their attendance levels are recognised.

Whilst it is a parental responsibility to ensure regular school attendance, QKS works closely with all parents and carers in respect of attendance matters. Regular communication surrounding attendance levels is sent home directly to parents - either celebrating good and improving attendance or highlighting potential issues or concerns.

QKS promotes outstanding attendance in order to ensure students thrive and have a wide range of opportunities beyond their compulsory schooling years.

Behaviour and Standards at QKS

At The Queen Katherine School, we want all our students to be young people that our community is proud of.

Everyone at QKS recognises that for our students to achieve their full potential there is a need for them to feel safe and valued.  This allows all students to focus fully on their learning and helps them to achieve their academic potential.  Outside of lessons, this positive environment and caring community empowers students with the confidence to become involved in wider school events.

If students do not meet our expectations, they not only hamper their own learning but also adversely affect the learning and positive school experience of others. If a student fails to meet our high expectations, we will act accordingly to address behaviour concerns to help the student make better decisions for themselves and others.


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