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A Caring, Vibrant and Progressive Community

The vision of The Queen Katherine School is that all students are supported and stretched to reach their potential and leave as happy, well-rounded individuals with the knowledge, qualifications and skills they need for the next stage in their lives.

We provide learning opportunities that stimulate, engage and encourage students to be resilient and have high aspirations for themselves. Combined with subject knowledge and skills, our ‘Whole Child’ curriculum empowers students with the life skills and attributes needed to live happy lives and with the confidence to open any door.

Every child is celebrated; recognition is not just reserved for the winners of prestigious competitions but also the quiet, unassuming determination of those who persevere and overcome personal difficulties. Our Proud to Belong culture flows through the lens of our House system, where students’ sense of camaraderie and belonging is nurtured as students in all year groups come together to support their House.

Students also take on individual leadership roles within the school community. Student voice is represented through our School Council and Senior Students. We also have a number of students from each year group who are Anti-bullying Ambassadors; these volunteers are trained to identify and report unpleasant behaviour and support their peers.

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Staff Team

Teachers inspire through broadening students’ horizons and capturing interests.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff are all experts in their own field. For students who need help to access the curriculum, we have a Student Support Centre where students, on a short or long-term basis, can access additional help.

We are also very proud of our comprehensive pastoral support including Heads of Year, Form Tutors, Support Mentors, an Education Welfare Officer and two school counsellors. This extensive level of care demonstrates our commitment to our students’ personal development and positive mental health in an increasingly complex world.



We are incredibly fortunate to have such an extensive and inspirational learning environment including the Appleby Road Community Garden, Science Garden and tennis courts across the road from our main site.

Our students learn in specialist classrooms and facilities – learning in a science laboratory, drama studio or on our new AstroTurf, encourages students to engage more, enjoy more and succeed more.

During break and lunch times, the school is divided into three distinct areas (Upper School with Sixth Form area, Middle Block and Lower School) to provide a more personalised space. Upper and Lower school have their own recreational areas, dining halls and bathrooms to enable our students to enjoy, relax and ‘re-charge’ during breaks.

Our wonderful Learning Resources Centre, stocked with over 10,000 books, is located in Middle Block, in the heart of the school. Every student has access to the LRC at break and lunch-time and Mrs Bowers, our amazing Librarian, is always on hand to advise students on what to read next. As part of our 'wrap-around’ care, the LRC is open before school from 8.30am and after school until 4.30pm. Breakfast Club is open from 7.45am in the Lower School canteen.


Co-located with Sandgate School

We are proud to be co-located with Sandgate School as part of our continued drive to promote understanding, tolerance and respect for everyone in our school and wider community.

Throughout the academic year, we run a wide variety of projects where QKS and Sandgate students work together. Sandgate is also part of our House system.



The Fells Multi Academy Trust

The Fells Multi Academy Trust (The Fells Trust) is the accountable body for The Queen Katherine School. It is also accountable for the following schools:

  • George Hastwell School, Barrow in Furness
  • Walney School, Barrow in Furness

For more information about The Fells Trust please visit The Fells Trust website: www.thefellstrust.org

 The Fells Multi Academy Trust