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Ofsted Report

                                             Ofsted Report, March 2022

 Ofsted summary, March 2022

1. Pupils, including students in the sixth form, are happy and proud to belong to this school.

2. Pupils are supported effectively to meet the high expectations that adults have of their       achievement and behaviour.

3. This is a welcoming school. Everyone is included. Pupils are keen to contribute to their school and their community.

4. Pupils behave well. They are polite and respectful.

5. They [pupils] trust the adults who work with them.

6. In lessons, and during social time, pupils’ behaviour is calm and respectful.

7. The curriculum is broad and ambitious.

8. Teachers have strong subject knowledge. Teachers check how well pupils have learned new knowledge. They give timely feedback to pupils.

9. Leaders ensure there is strong provision for careers education, information advice and guidance in all year groups.

10. Leaders prioritise reading across the curriculum. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop as individuals as well as gain a social, moral and cultural understanding of the world.