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Health and Social Care

Subject Leader: Mrs Fran Smith


Health and Social Care at QKS

The guiding principle for Health and Social care teaching at QKS is to develop an understanding of the wide variety of people’s needs within our community.

The course aims to prepare students for potential work in health and social care by focusing on practical, work-related skills which they develop by completing projects that are based on realistic workplace situations. They will have the chance to hear from professionals - like midwives and carers - who are already working successfully in this area. They'll talk to students about their career path, the sorts of skills and behaviours they should demonstrate and what opportunities there are for people prepared to work.

Key Stage 3

In Year 9 students begin to explore different aspects of health and social care with a different focus each term.

The topics will cover issues in all life stages and will be accompanied by practical sessions with guest speakers from the industry. Students will be given the opportunity to write reports about specific case studies and deliver presentations based on research.

Common topic areas include dementia, infant development, down syndrome and mental health.

Year 9 Health and Social Care

Key Stage 4

Students will study three components:

  • Human Lifespan Development- Students will study areas of growth and development that contribute to the whole person including physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Students will reflect on physical, social and economic factors that are part of everyone’s life, such as relationships with family and consider they will consider how they impact on growth and development. People encounter different life events as they progress through their life. Some are expected and have a positive effect on development and some are unexpected and have a negative effect on development. Students will consider different sources of support to help people cope with life events and reflect on their effectiveness.
  • Health and Social Care Services and Values- Students will consider the range of health and social care services that are available to people and the different levels of service provided. Students will also consider the barriers some people face in accessing services and how they can be overcome. Students will also explore the care values and how these effect care service providers and impact on practice.
  • Health and Well-being- Students will reflect on what is meant by health and wellbeing and the factors that impact on health and well-being. Students will learn to interpret health and lifestyle data and use this to help to create health and wellbeing improvement plans which incorporate short and long term targets. Within these targets students will consider the difficulties an individual might face and how to overcome them.

Year 10 Health and Social Care

Year 11 Health and Social Care

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GCSE Health and Social Care Specification


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