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Exam Results 2020

Subject Access Request Form for Center Assessed Grades, 2020

A level Results 

Students received their 2020 A level results on 13 August. It has obviously been a difficult time for students, parents and teachers over the last six months. We are so proud of the resilience and positivity that our Year 13 students have shown in coping with the difficult circumstances arising from the Covid 19 outbreak. Our students have worked incredibly hard over their 2 years of A level study and thoroughly deserve the excellent grades they have achieved. We wish students all the best and we are always here to support them with decisions about their exciting next steps.

Comment from Mr Hayes, Headteacher, on Results Day:

Cumbrian schools are proud to serve our children, their families and the communities they come from. This year the situation with Covid 19 and the shutdown of schools in March makes this results day unique. The grades the students are receiving are the result of the national standardisation of centre assessed grades we submitted back in June. We hope that the students believe they have received grades that reflect their hard work and depth of learning throughout their courses. We congratulate them all on the manner in which they have coped in these quite extraordinary times.

The majority of students will be really pleased with their results and will have the grades to go onto to their anticipated destinations in September. We acknowledge that for some they may be disappointed and those students may wish to prove that they can do better in the Autumn exam series and it is essential that schools across Cumbria all support students to do that if they wish. It will be a challenge with the restrictions in place in September in schools but there will be a determination to make sure each individual student has every opportunity available to maximise their grades.

The DFE have cancelled Performance Tables for this year and there will be no amalgamated headline results published for schools, which is right and proper given the circumstances around the exams this year. There is no doubt that leaves the focus on those that really deserve it, the people we should all be congratulating; the students.

Head of Sixthform, Miss Nelson, said:

 Our students, the children of our wonderful county and schools are also more than the sum of their grades and so today we want to celebrate the individuals who have shone for all sorts of reasons.

I have never been more proud of a group of sixth form students than I have over the last 5 months. During the hardest periods of time, our students stepped up as volunteers and employees in key worker positions in care homes, and supermarkets to name just two roles, and showed the initiative to set up community support systems such as village book deliveries, and PPE production lines.

Celebrating just some of our students' amazing achievements:

Victoria Handley is recognised for the highest progress in the year group, having attained an A in Philosophy and Ethics, B grades in Psychology and English, and an A grade in her Extended Project qualification. Victoria has been a key volunteer at Sandgate during her time in sixth form, listened to younger students reading, and organised form group charity drives, as well as holding down a part time job. Victoria goes on to study Philosophy at the University of Birmingham.

Jonah Aldridge has secured 3A*at A level in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics, along with an A* in his Extended Project qualification. He has also contributed a huge amount to the school community in terms of drama and music productions, inter-county athletics, voluntary work at Oxfam, mentoring younger students and heading up a Terracycle sub-group for our Eco-committee. Jonah is going on to study Mathematics further at degree level at the University of Edinburgh.

Kate Matthews has worked extremely hard to complete 4 A levels in English, Drama, Maths and Geography to grades A*, A*, A and A respectively. Alongside this, Kate challenged herself to complete her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and a World Challenge expedition. These each involved a huge amount of charity work and commitment to develop her skills and fitness levels, and to raise significant amounts of money. She has also been a key character in drama productions and become a British National Kata Champion. Kate follows her passion to study English Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Leeds.

Rosie Berners-Lee came to us having achieved outstanding GCSE results at Settlebeck School, and has now attained three A* grades in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Rosie taught herself GCSE Mandarin to an A* standard and is currently learning the Accordion, whilst also practising and teaching Ballet. Rosie leaves us to study Biochemistry at St. Andrews.

Lucy Davies has a confirmed place to study Geography at Cambridge, and is now deciding whether to start in 2020 or 2021.  She had secured a Gap Year involving teaching Mathematics in Zambia, following on from her previous experience with Project Trust. Lucy has also completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a World Challenge expedition to India, participated in the NCS programme, and contributed to school and our wider community in so many ways.

Impressively, Harriet Barker has been recruited to attend Bradley University, Illinois as an international Golf player where she will study with a 100% academic and sport scholarship for an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science with Biology.

It only feels right that the last words should go to the students of the class of 2020:

“QKS has fantastic teaching and a very friendly environment to study in.” Nathan Young

“QKS always offers good support and is able to help you achieve what you want to achieve.” Kate Matthews

“QKS treat you like an adult – you get to be responsible for yourself.” Libby Roberts

“The extra-curricular opportunities are fantastic.” Emily Blythe

“QKS is a great stepping stone to any further education and allows you to play a more independent role in your education; it’s also a great opportunity to build friendships.” Jonah Aldridge




It has certainly been a challenging time for our GCSE students but after some anxious weeks and months, there were lots of smiles and happy tears on Results Day.

Headteacher, Jon Hayes, said:

 As with the A level results last week this year’s GCSE results have been very different from those in previous years.  Today we are looking beyond the uncertainty and controversy that has surrounded this exam season and focussing on the students who have collected their results.  The Queen Katherine School is immensely proud of our Year 11 cohort.  They may have been denied the opportunity to sit their exams but they worked towards them in good faith and today is a celebration of that hard work and determination.

 As always, our students have made fantastic progress from their starting points.  For some that means being awarded grades 8 and 9 for all of their subjects, for others it means securing their place in further education.  We are delighted to be welcoming a significant number of our Year 11 students into our Sixth Form to continue their education with us at QKS.

Head of Year, Dawn Audley said:

 2020 has been a challenging year and all our staff recognise how incredibly hard our students worked in preparation for their exams. We are very pleased with our results overall and are excited that so many of our students are choosing to return to our sixth form in September. For those moving on to pastures new, we wish you well and thank you for your positive contributions as students of QKS.

 Students' comments:

 "QKS has been an amazing experience with great teaching and a great community." Rachel Galpin 

"QKS really helped me get out of my comfort zone and build my confidence. I plan on staying on at sixth form and continuing the experience I have enjoyed so much." Kat Hatton

"I have really enjoyed my time at QKS and I am looking forwards to studying my A level subjects in sixth form." James Connolly

"QKS was amazing and the best five years of my life. The house competitions were amazing and you should make the most of them!" Katie Parkinson 

"I have enjoyed QKS because of the teachers' enthusiasm for their subjects and will be staying on at sixth form." Reuben Conner "

I have enjoyed interacting with other students and teachers, making lots of good friends who will hopefully stay friends for years to come." Katie Parkinson 

"QKS has been an amazing experience including fabulous trips to other countries, great teaching and many extra-curricular activities." Sophie Gray 

"I really enjoyed D of E. It was an amazing experience and opportunity." Lauren Martindale 

"I have enjoyed meeting all the people because the teachers and students are so lovely." Caitlin Boyle 

"I have really enjoyed my time at QKS and getting stuck in at all the clubs and events. I plan on coming back to the sixth form."  Katie Bowness