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Extra-Curricular Activities at QKS


Annually, there are around 60 clubs in which students can immerse themselves.

Clubs range from every type of sporting activity, those that complement the curriculum and those that celebrate personal interests.

We encourage all students – particularly those   in Key Stage 3 – to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Extra-curricular clubs allow students to try new things and meet new people. Gaining the confidence to take up opportunities and try new things is a skill for life.

Clubs 2023-24


Individual subjects offer a wide variety of trips to engage, inspire and consolidate classroom learning.

You will receive information about these opportunities through the Edulink app. Because residential trips can be expensive, we provide a list of these exciting opportunities in advance to support choices and payment planning. All trips can be paid in instalments via ParentMail.



Trips Overview 2023-24